Zoo Antwerp

The Antwerp Zoo is located right next to the Antwerp Central Railway station, in the city centre. It is one of the oldest animal parks in the world. A new master plan for the whole park had to be designed, including the development of a new restaurant.

The driving concept behind designing this unconventional intervention was enhancing the visitor experience, and putting it at the centre of a unique spatial narrative that leads from the city into the wilderness.

“I remember visiting the Zoo some years ago and eating at the restaurant there. The experience was one of detachment from nature. With our project, we aimed at delivering an innovative visitor experience. We want visitors to feel close to the birds, monkeys and buffaloes in their natural habitat,” says architect Giuseppe Farris.

Completed in June 2017, the new facilities in the Antwerp Zoo have recorded increasing visitor numbers, the public being especially enthusiastic about their unusual zoo experience. SFA and its consultants were able to effectively respond to the complicated needs of the animals, the visitors and the commercial operations of the zoo.

client KMDA
collab Eld partnership
surface 20.000 m²
function cultural, hospitality
intervention extension, refurbishment, masterplan
location Antwerp, BE
year 2017
project status built

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