Collegium Zottegem

O.-L.-V. van Deinsbekecollege is situated in the centre of Zottegem BE. The complex in neogothic style, dating from the late 19th century, covers the entirety of the building block next to the busiest shopping street of the town. After the latest fire, which reduced the college to ruins, SFA were asked to design the master plan for the whole building block. The goal was to honour the historical façades, while implementing 66 apartments on the site.

The green courtyard was one of the key elements to the realisation of this goal. A connection between the two parallel streets allows passers-by to enjoy a serene stroll through the project and has a visual connection with the green courtyard and the historical façades. New volumes are placed and shaped in such a way that the shade on the courtyard is limited and a visual connection between the courtyard and the promenade is guaranteed. A third volume is placed at the east side of the parcel, to define the borders of the green courtyard.

client van hout projects
surface 16.100 m²
function residential, retail
intervention refurbishment, extension
location BE
year 2022
project status built

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